The theme of sustainability lies at the core of what we do at Aspire Global, across a range of business areas.

While there was once a perception in the wider industry that sustainability was only related to compliance and player protection, we believe there is an irresistible business case for full consideration of the topic across a far wider scope.

A cohesive, comprehensive corporate sustainability strategy can help to maximise an organisation’s positive contribution to society and provide a tangible competitive advantage. In the iGaming industry, it truly delivers a winning edge.

At Aspire Global, we have broken down sustainability into four focus areas: Environment, Safe User Experience, People, and Safe Digital Environment. To support this, we’ve just launched our dedicated sustainability website pages, which follow the same structure:

Environment: Aspire Global’s ambition is to protect the planet for future generations, making a quantifiable difference. The company strives to have a positive environmental and social impact, globally and locally. Controlling this impact means being aware and minimising any negative footprint from the company’s operations, whether direct or indirect, and doing its upmost to contribute in a positive way where the company is physically present, and everywhere where there is an impact from the gaming industry as a whole. Having achieved carbon-neutral status and reached its Paris 2050 goals to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit the global temperature increase, Aspire Global exhibits a real sense of pride in taking steps to make sure the planet looks better in 30 years than it does now – not worse.

Safe User Experience: Providing a safe user experience in terms of responsible gambling is considered to be Aspire Global’s single most important responsibility. It is the source of long-term growth and aligns with the company’s mission. Aspire Global has chosen to focus on regulated markets, as it enables serious companies to compete on equal terms in offering a safe iGaming experience in terms of responsible gaming and create a better iGaming market for everyone: players, the people around them or anyone unintentionally exposed to the industry, such as minors or those trying to avoid playing.

People: Aspire Global is growing quickly, which necessitates active recruitment and the retention of talent in competition with other companies. The company has a diverse and uniquely competent workforce, indicating that professional qualifications are not being compromised in favour of other factors such as cultural background, gender or physical disabilities. As for recruitment, Aspire Global has once again chosen a sustainable approach, where the unique selling point is a modern, flexible, stimulating and healthy working environment that enables a healthy work-life balance. Rather than focusing on wages alone, the company targets people with a sustainable focus on culture, working conditions and career opportunities.

Safe Digital Environment: Providing a safe digital environment is alongside responsible gambling one of the most important aspects when it comes to the user experience. If players do not feel safe on the platform, they simply will not return. Providing a safe digital environment is about ensuring the highest standard of system and data security as well as a reliable, fair and transparent gambling product free from betting-related corruption. The main aspects of providing a safe digital environment from a player perspective are integrity, payment solutions, cybersecurity and fraud prevention.

While there has been plenty of progress across all four of these areas of sustainability, there is no room for resting on laurels. As the company continues to grow across regulated markets worldwide, in an ever-changing iGaming world ambitious yet achievable goals will continue to be set, in order to remain at the forefront of the industry’s sustainability movement.

Don’t forget to check the pages here for more information on what Aspire Global is doing sustainability-wise:

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