Endeavours to improve the gambling industry and make it safer for players have always been part of Casino Guru’s agenda. They have the form of helping players resolve their disputes with casinos, providing honest and unbiased casino reviews, promoting fair approach to gambling, pushing operators to change unfair practices, creating helpful content on gambling addiction and safe gambling, and more.

However, the team behind Casino Guru realised that they could do more. With the goal of improving sustainable gambling standards all over the world, they started two ambitious projects – the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative and the Casino Guru Academy. Behind both of these projects is Šimon Vincze, Casino Guru’s Responsible Gambling Projects Manager and an advocate of social responsibility among affiliates.

Global approach to responsible gambling

The Global Self-Exclusion Initiative is the most ambitious of Casino Guru’s and Šimon’s projects. Its aim is to improve responsible gambling standards on a global level by addressing the insufficiencies of currently available tools and advocating for the creation of a global self-exclusion system, which could better protect vulnerable players.

Self-exclusion from a single casino and national self-exclusion schemes do not create an effective barrier that can stop problem gamblers from accessing gambling websites and protect them from further gambling-related harm. A global system that would allow players to self-exclude from all gambling sites at once could be much more effective. And the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative is trying to make it happen

Currently, Šimon is increasing awareness of the issue and spreading the message at major gambling industry conferences – both as an attendee and as a speaker – and collecting feedback from industry professionals. Together with other members of the Casino Guru team, he is also working on a blue paper presenting a suggested technical implementation of a global self-exclusion system.

Better education for the gambling industry

Šimon is also leading the Casino Guru Academy, with its quest to improve gambling industry standards related to customer support, player protection, and fair gambling. The Academy’s courses, which are free and accessible to anyone, aim to give people working in the industry a better understanding of how things work in online gambling, resulting in a better and safer experience for players.

The Academy’s first course, entitled iGaming Customer Support Essentials, is aimed at educating current or aspiring customer support agents about the gambling industry, the most common customer issues and queries, as well as how to prepare for the job and be good at it.

With customer support being one of the most common entry-level online gambling jobs, the Academy starts educating workers right at the beginning of their career paths and gives them good basics that will help them not only to succeed professionally, but also to positively transform the gambling industry in the future.

Speaking of the future, the Academy’s upcoming courses will be aimed also at more senior professionals, with the goal of sharing Casino Guru’s expertise on how certain aspects of operating a gambling business should be handled in a way that reduces customers’ issues and complaints, and creates a better gambling environment for everyone.

What is to come?

Šimon’s efforts to improve the industry do not stop with these two projects. Speaking about sustainable and socially responsible gambling at some of the biggest and most popular industry conferences and events, he is spreading the message that the industry as a whole – including affiliates and other parties that are often excluded from this discussion – needs to come together to improve online gambling’s safety and responsibility, as well as public opinion.

From his standpoint, it is not only a good and moral thing to do, but also an important step toward a sustainable industry that will grow and prosper.

About Casino Guru

Casino Guru is an affiliate website with the biggest up-to-date database of online casinos and casino bonuses. The team behind the website puts emphasis on fair gambling, reviewing each casino based on a set of strict but objective criteria and pushing them to be better. They also run a multilingual forum and help players who complain about unfair treatment by a casino.

This feature was first carried in the Winter 2021/2022 edition of iGaming Capital magazine, the sister publication to iGamingCapital.mt

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