Malta has been the go-to country for gamblers who want to play in some of the most prestigious online casinos worldwide. Many multinational casino brands have opened online casinos in Malta, a country known for its conduciveness. These casinos are different categories, and today we will focus on high roller online casinos in Malta.

Keep reading to learn what to expect in a high roller online casino in Malta.

What are high roller casinos?

High roller, also known as high-stakes casinos, are platforms designed for gamblers who stake high amounts of money. If the rest of the casinos accept stakes from as low as £5, high roller platforms can set the limit from £100.

If you are a beginner, it might be challenging to determine which iGaming platforms can be categorised as high roller casinos. You might also be an experienced gambler who is used to regular or low-stakes online casinos. Luckily, has curated a list and reviewed some of the best platforms that fit the bill of high roller online casinos Malta.

Features of the best high roller online casinos in Malta

Modern gamers are now moving high-stakes physical casinos to online equivalents. Physical high roller casinos are known for their features, such as exclusive gaming rooms and special treats during gaming.

Online high stakes casinos also have features that set them aside from regular platforms. These are the things to expect in high roller online casinos Malta:

  • Dedicated support: Those who stake high in the best high roller online casino Malta can access support at the click of a button. You also don’t have to wait hours for support to get back to you, as casinos have a dedicated team supporting VIP players.
  • Account managers: VIP casinos have dedicated account managers who monitor your account activities to ensure you are always getting the best. Such people can even advise on the best approaches to grow your account balance and inform you when there are special offers.
  • Fast withdrawals: There are instances when you need to withdraw your money but don’t want to wait for hours or days before it hits your bank account. High roller casinos offer their VIP customers instant withdrawals through various payment processors.
  • Exclusive promotions and bonuses: Being a VIP player comes with various bonuses that regular players don’t get. For instance, spending a certain amount on the casino can enrol you on raffles to win a trip to exclusive gaming events. In some cases, high-stakes players get up to 50% cash back when they hit certain deposit limits.
  • Premium games: You will never get certain games on a regular platform, but only in a high roller online casino in Malta. Such games are high-guarded secrets, and people who play them are highly esteemed.
  • VIP jackpots: High roller casinos offer exclusive jackpots that target VIP players. Such players must meet certain conditions to enrol on such jackpots. For instance, some may provide that spending at least £500 earns you a ticket to the VIP jackpot.

How to profit from the best high roller online casino in Malta

Selecting a high roller casino does not guarantee winning large sums of money. These are some of the tips to get the best out of these online gaming platforms:

  • Analyse the bonuses: Even though bonuses are good, some are limiting and put you at risk of losing large sums of money. Claim bonuses with simple terms.
  • Understand their terms: High roller casinos have terms slightly different from regular casinos. Ensure you read the fine print before you start playing.
  • Play at reputable platforms: Humans are always enticed to crave free things and amazing offers. However, some platforms that pose as high roller casinos are frauds. Check for licences from the Malta Gaming Authority, reviews and ratings before you deposit money on such platforms.
  • Set a budget: Even though you want to stake high, you should also have a limit. It can be £1000 or even £10000 in a day. Avoid chasing losses whenever you spend all you set aside for a gaming session.
  • Set a time limit: Gaming can be addictive. Some players will only leave a platform once they exhaust their account balance or hit a certain amount in winnings. Set a time limit for your online gaming so that you can have enough time for your regular job and socialisation.
  • Track your progress: When playing online, losing track of your time and account balances is easy. Always track the two and the wager requirements to know when to cash out.


We hope you can tell what high roller online casinos in Malta are, how they operate, and what features to look for in one. However, always remember to exercise responsible gambling as high roller gaming exposes you to high losses if you make simple mistakes. Create a budget and use self-exclusion features to ensure you spend only what you can afford to lose.

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