In a high-stakes environment where competition is tough, finding a winning formula is critical for any business operator to achieve success. And, once on a growth trajectory, the search often requires making the difficult decision to prioritise the right values.

LeoVegas Group knows this all too well. The premier iGaming company has been on a rapid growth trajectory for some time. In 2022, it was acquired by MGM Resorts International, the prominent global brand operating in the entertainment, hospitality and gaming sectors. A year later, it entered into an acquisition agreement with digital game producer and content provider Push Gaming, a supplier of online and mobile games to hundreds of operators across the world. Indeed, LeoVegas has continued on its path of planned growth as a leading international player in the iGaming sector.

Founded 11 years ago, Head of HR Commercial and Operations Stefania Curmi points out that “LeoVegas Group has been on quite a journey! It has grown to over 1,200 employees with 12 offices across Europe – all with the aim of providing the world’s greatest iGaming experience.”

Following its acquisition by MGM, the prospects of significant opportunities and possibilities for the Group have increased considerably, and “its sights are set on achieving great things together,” Ms Curmi shares. “With MGM’s invaluable support, we will continue to invest in our product and technology, and to attract talent.”

Stefania Curmi, LeoVegas Head of HR Commercial and Operations / Photo by Alan Carville

The collaboration between MGM Resorts International and the LeoVegas Group has resulted in what Ms Curmi describes as “an exciting new project”: the launch of the BetMGM brand in the UK, which is an international offering that “leverages the proprietary technology and platform” of the LeoVegas Group.

The brand’s foray into the UK market also marks the launch of an internationalisation strategy as planned by MGM Resorts, with a view to replicate the success it has attained in the US and Canada. Undoubtedly, there is much more to come from the disruptive BetMGM brand.

“But there’s more,” continues Ms Curmi, as she expands on the LeoVegas-led majority stake acquisition of Push Gaming. The game developer has an award-winning catalogue and is one of the industry’s leading and most innovative developers. As Ms Curmi asserts, “this is testament to all that we have achieved so far together with MGM Resorts, and what is yet to come!”

As LeoVegas Group continues to plan for sustained growth, it has embarked on a strong recruitment drive to power its ambitious goals. The Head of HR Commercial and Operations provides further insight, noting that “the MGM Resorts acquisition has brought with it significant growth opportunities for us as a business, and for our people – it’s an exciting time. As we continue to strengthen our brand globally, we continue working towards recruiting the best talent.”

Talent retention is also high on the agenda, explains Ms Curmi, with the company offering numerous benefits to ensure that “the best working conditions are offered,” reflecting a win-win strategy that serves the company and its ‘lions’.

She goes on to list what’s on offer, highlighting “hybrid working arrangements, Monday breakfast, a health and well-being monetary allowance, as well as a focus on mental health through our Employee Assistance Programme.” In addition, Ms Curmi notes that “fully paid private health insurance, sports allowances and fitness classes are some of our most appreciated benefits.”

LeoVegas Group prides itself on being considered an Employer of Choice and underlines its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Indeed, Ms Curmi attests that “at LeoVegas Group, the most valued resource is its employees.”

The company currently has a complement of over 1,200 individuals working in its offices around Europe, with various backgrounds and coming from 60 different countries. “The company’s approach is to place people at the core of its operations, not the other way round,” she underscores.

This drive to create the right environment for diversity to flourish reflects the leadership style adopted by the company. Ms Curmi contends that “one of the aspects that is highly valued by the team is the environment that the company has managed to create and maintain. The LeoVegas Group is an entertainment company and whilst we are professional in everything we do, we also value the fun and friendly culture that we share with one another and with our customers.”

Personal growth is another area that’s encouraged by the company. Ms Curmi shares that “we believe in offering opportunities for employees to build on their skills. Over the last couple of years, we have seen many employees move towards their career goals, whether that is to gain leadership experience or to specialise in a certain area of work.” This philosophy bodes well, as she attests that “as an employee at LeoVegas, we are trusted and we are expected to take initiative.”

LeoVegas Group has supported EuroPride Valletta 2023 held in Malta in September; a high-profile event celebrating the values of equality, diversity and inclusion. LeoVegas Group’s sponsorship was an exciting partnership which the company is particularly proud of: “The popular festival not only celebrates the LGBTIQ+ community, but also provides a platform for dialogue and awareness,” Ms Curmi enthuses, also noting that the Group has sponsored the local Malta Pride event multiple times.

EuroPride 2023 attracted over 40,000 participants and featured concerts, art exhibitions, panel discussions, and the renowned Pride Parade. The world-famous music celebrity, Christina Aguilera, who is also the festival’s ambassador, delivered a memorable performance in celebration of EuroPride 2023.

Over the 10 days of EuroPride in Malta, LeoVegas Group hosted two engaging talks. The first featured Rebecca Buttigieg, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, who joined a panel discussion on topics including LGBTIQ+ rights, equity and EuroPride. She was accompanied by Maria Azzopardi, President of the Allied Rainbow Communities. “The event took place in LeoVegas Group’s office in Sliema, which we were honoured to host,” Ms Curmi shares.

Another talk was organised by the LeoVegas Group’s Newcastle office and addressed by experts Lucy Malarkey and Karen Faulkner, who delivered an informative session with several employees within the LGBTIQ+ community, sharing their experiences. Both events were broadcast to all employees working within the Group across Europe.

Moreover, Ms Curmi continues, “our dedicated Office and Employee Experience Teams also hosted a number of events to engage with all colleagues, through colourful breakfasts, sweet treats and a karaoke after-work event.”

LeoVegas Group is geared to continue seeking growth, including through its recruitment drive, while also retaining talent and holding on to its hard-earned reputation as an employer of choice. The company, Ms Curmi elaborates, “is continuously working hard to provide the best employee experience with the right values and culture. Maintaining that internally will strengthen our approach when recruiting. We are proud that our employees act as company ambassadors.”

Whether this is through the company’s referral programme, and, “what’s better than talent recommending talent?” quips Ms Curmi, or through its media and social media channels regularly sharing insights into ‘Life at LeoVegas’, potential employees can get a glimpse of what it means to work for a leading iGaming company which forms part of the international group MGM Resorts.

This interview was first carried in the 2023/2024 edition of iGaming Capital magazine, the sister brand to, both produced by Content House Group.

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